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When we talk about snookers and billiards, even a lame man understands that apool cue tip turns out to be the major key to success in most cases. They are available in a large variety of shapes, sizes and forms which makes it difficult to select. Here is a brief overview to help you in the process of selection in the near future.

As suggested earlier, they are of different types, forms and textures. Generally, they are made of animal skins. In some cases only a thin layer of animal skin is used whereas in some other varieties, a harder base made of a few layers of animal skins placed one above the other is used. Some of the modified varieties are further laminated to give it a better look.

tips are primarily categorized based on the texture of the base. While some of the bases are soft, some others, preferably the laminated ones are extremely hard. Preference varies from player to player. However, if you use a softer base, when you strike a ball, the pressure is going to be applied on a comparatively bigger area which gives uniformity to the shot. This reduces the chances of mis hits and hence ideally suited for the beginners.

On the other hand, using harder bases will necessarily mean that the pressure applied is going to be focused on a smaller area, which generates a better force to the shot but at the same time, chances of faulty strikes do increases if you are not fairly experienced with dealing with such bases.

However, once you have adapted to the techniques in a fair manner, it is the harder bases that are used most often. Lastly, it also needs to be maintained that a harder tip have a prolonged life lasts much longer compared to its softer counterparts.

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Pool Cue Tips

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Pool Cue Tips

This article was published on 2011/09/14