How Important Is Your Modeling or Acting Headshot?

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How Important is Your Modeling or Acting Headshot?

Are you in the entertainment industry? If you answered 'yes' to this question and you haven't invested in a quality headshot, it's time to scrape together some funds and find a local photographer who specializes in your respective area of expertise (either modeling or acting) and GO FOR IT!

Think of your headshot as your 'calling card'. Regardless of whether you are a signed talent to an agency or even if you are in 'independent' unrepresented talent, a professional headshot is a critical step in the casting and auditioning process. As an agent for over eight years, I can honestly say that I have seen an effective headshot make the difference between getting a talent an audition or 'not' and sometimes even getting a talent cast for a project simply based on the effectiveness of a successful headshot.

Sometimes photographers give industry discounts for various reasons. Be proactive and 'look for the discounts! Some discounts can include: being an agency signed model or actor, during slow seasonal months, during a slow economy in general, new client discounts, and many others. When you call a photographer, always ASK!!! The worst that can happen is that there is not discount at this time. 

Ways to 'not' look for a quality photographer: 

- Your relative who is trying to 'help' you out to save you money

- Your friend who is interested in becoming a photographer and hasn't taken any photography classes yet

- A colleague in the entertainment industry who does not specialize in photography

All of these methods should signify 'red flags' in terms of the final product turning out the antithesis of top notch and first class. Bottom line: you get what you pay for with photography, as in any other service. Save up, even if it eans waiting an extra few months and go with word of mouth referrals from your agent (if you are signed with an agency) or other industry colleagues who have shot with photographers that have produced great quality shots (if you are not signed). You'll be GLAD you did. 

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How Important Is Your Modeling or Acting Headshot?

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This article was published on 2013/08/27