Dr. Phil Show: Tv's Problem Solver

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As you surf the television stations during the daytime, you may encounter an assortment of reality TV, as well as talk shows. One of the more popular installments to the entertainment lineup in the afternoon is called the Dr. Phil Show, which is hosted by Dr. Phil McGraw, who gained a following from his appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show. In 2002, McGraw was given his own show that debuted on September 16th, which took the same format as his “Tuesdays With Dr. Phil” segment on Oprah.

McGraw utilized his life strategies approach to solving problems, which he based on his experiences as a clinical psychologist. Through his own show, McGraw covered a wide range of human interest and real-life experiences that tackled weight loss, unruly children, kids with disabilities, unhappy marriages, financial planning, and promoting good causes. Decorated with serious banter with fleeting humorous moments, the Dr. Phil Show also used therapy sessions to bring families together and solve major problems.

In 2006, the occasionally presented Dr. Phil House series was created. In this program, McGraw and the production staff cater to an assortment of guests who gather at a specialized house wired with cameras and microphones. As the staff monitors the conversations of guests, better advice and counseling can be tailored to help solve individual and group problems. In cases where physical violence is present, the constant monitoring helps staff to intervene and keep guests on task.

Throughout the seasons, the Dr Phil Show has experienced its fair share of incidents that most talk shows go through. For instance, lie detector tests revealed flaws in the testimony of twin sisters who appeared on the show who were portrayed as holding differing opinions regarding the adult entertainment industry. While one sister admitted being part of the industry, the other twin claimed to resent the idea. It was later revealed that the two sisters had already appeared in many adult movies together.

Today, the show is in syndication throughout Canada and the United States, as well as other countries. As for future plans, the show has been renewed to last at least until the 2012 –2013 season.

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Dr. Phil Show: Tv's Problem Solver

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This article was published on 2010/01/27