Beautiful: A tale of two sisters

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Wanda McKiver, the colored girl from New Jersey, has a colored mind too. She perceives every individual as having different hues and believes that every woman has a right to share the sunshine and smell the roses. Wanda’s wariness, of the social chains that still tie women is imperative in her writings. Her prose and poetry are equally prolific and create a place in the hearts and minds of the readers. Her desire to change the prejudice that people still have especially about colored girls, is the driving force for her works.

Wanda already gained popularity and a place in the hearts of millions of people with her first novel: The Black Rose Diaries. Her second novel however, deepened the imprints that are engraved in everybody’s hearts. Beautiful is a tale of two sisters, putting up with a mother who seldom cares, an uncle who drinks his heart out and a stepfather who worsens their plight by molestation. The African American community itself has reservations about discussing some of the social issues in public like, suicide, incest and child molestation, and it’s because of this reason primarily that Wanda chose to take the lead and bear the torch.

Beautiful is an endearing tale of two sisters struggling hard for something as basic as living with dignity, sharing deep secrets that usually sisters do. Once again a description labeling the book as ‘fiction’ is a futile act as the story relates to most of the households of the African American community. The underlying truth that haunts the story is not only the struggle these girls go through but also the fact that most households often choose to shun such realities.

Wanda McKiver has once again attempted successfully a revolution, a step to change the things as they are. She chooses to “walk against the grain”. The dark lady has no hesitations to tell the world or at least her readers that the world is not a fairy land and life isn’t synonymous to a fairy tale. Wanda’s style of writing is simple, not laden with heavy words but with emotions that each heart bears. Her stories especially Beautiful, brings tears to eyes of the readers as they flip through the pages as if life was surpassing them, in their toil to attain trivial goals.

Wanda McKiver seeks to reincarnate the identity of the African American girls, and wishes to spread the message that “one day today will be enough”. Wanda has already captured the literary world and cradled fans far and wide, her preliminary efforts give words to emotions that have lost their voices in the madding crowd, have received significant applauds. She believes in the power people have, and thus draws inspirations from them only.


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Wanda Mckiver’s Beautiful thus is a novel with its name personified, the lives of the two girls are truly beautiful and worth a read. Visit to know more about the novel and her life.


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Beautiful: A tale of two sisters

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This article was published on 2011/04/16